9 de mayo de 2014


Europe..more than 500 million people, 28 countries, 24 official languages..Today 9 May we celebrate de Day of Europe.
Robert Schuman, the first President of the European Parliamentary Assembly proposed the creation of a union of countries in Europe in order to keep peaceful relations.
This was known as "Schuman Declaration", and it was considered to be the beginning of the creation of what we call the European Union.
The anthem of Europe is Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and its blue flag has 12 stars in a circle symbolizing the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the people of Europe.. so needed ideals today.
There are many skeptics about this union of countries but there is a real truth..Europe works for human rights, to save our planet..it fights against crime..and they take everyday important decisions that affect our lives.

Here you have more information about the European Union:

Official Web of The European Union


                                ANTHEM OF EUROPE (BEETHOVEN'S NINTH SYMPHONY)

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