22 de mayo de 2013


Will future expresses a spontaneous decision, an assumption with regard to the future or an action in the future that cannot be influenced.

The structure of WILL is quite simple. There is only one conjugation and we always use the verb in the infinitive form.
Look at the following table:

Use of will Future

  • a spontaneous decision
    example: Wait, I will help you.
  • an opinion, hope, uncertainty or assumption regarding the future
    example: He will probably come back tomorrow.
  • a promise
    example: I will not watch TV tonight.
  • an action in the future that cannot be influenced
    example: It will rain tomorrow.
  • conditional clauses type I
    example: If I arrive late, I will call you.

Signal Words

  • in a year, next …, tomorrow
  •  I think, probably, perhaps

Exercises on will Future

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